Moving dates haven't matched up? Need some short-term storage space?

No matter how straight forward you'd like moving house to be, there's always room for improvement. Here at Space and Time Mobile Self Storage, we understand that time and money are the usual suspects when it comes to unnecessary stress. That is why our Mobile Self-Storage Units are an ideal choice when it comes to moving house quickly without spending the Earth!

No need to hire a van.

Because we are 'mobile', there is no need to spend extra money on van hire, van deposits, diesel and no risk of exercising that vehicle damage waiver. We deliver the Mobile Self-Storage Unit to your property to load.

No double-handling.

"What's double-handling?" you ask. Double-handling is loading your furniture and boxes into a hired van, travelling down the road to your local self-storage company and unloading again (usually on to a trolley) to then unload into a storage unit. This process is usually repeated more than once too. With us, you simply load once into your Mobile Self-Storage Unit at your property and it's done!

No need to call a 'man and van' company.

We'll save you time and money. We have removed the need to hire any additional help because we provide the transport solution ourselves. Simple!

Want to see more?

Click on our 60-second promo video to see exactly how we can help you. Alternatively, call our Mobile Self Storage Team on 0161 207 1260.