Get your Mobile Self-Storage Unit collected at Half-Price

I think we've already established how much time and money we can save you when you don't have to hire a van or 'man and van' to do the loading. But just to accentuate the service even more, we are offering a Half-Price collection service from towns and villages in a 15 mile radius of our premises. Yes, that's right. We'll deliver a Mobile Self-Storage Unit to your home or your place of business for half of the standard price. We'll even collect it and return it to our storage centre as part of that service too!

Get your first 8 weeks of storage at Half-Price

If you pre-pay your first 8 weeks of storage with us, in return, we'll give you that full 8 week period at Half-Price. You can even use this in conjunction with the Half-Price collection offer above.

Get up to 20% off packing materials

When booking your Mobile Self-Storage Unit, let us know if you need any packing materials as you will receive up 20% off. That's in addition to the discounts you can receive on our Home-mover Kits too. What's more, we can either deliver them with your Mobile Self-Storage Unit on your storage date or even before-hand so you can get ahead on the packing!

Do you need storage for 6 months or more?

It seems we love to throw discounts at our customers, and why not? When booking your Mobile Self-Storage Unit, be sure to let our team know if you are planning to stay in storage of 6 months or more. We offer anything from 10% off your storage rates which only goes up the longer you stay. The only thing we ask is that you tell us when booking.

An extra 10% off for...

If you work for the Fire, Police or National Health Service, be sure to let us know and we'll give you 10% off your first invoice. Again make sure you let us know at the time of booking and we'll amend your invoice accordingly.