Removals Packing Service

Keeping Your Belongings Safe in Transit

If you have large, bulky or fragile items, you may worry about them being damaged in transit. That’s why Space and Time Removals’ team of moving experts are on-hand to help you pack your items ahead of loading and delivery.

We’ll show you exactly how best to ensure that even the most delicate items are kept safe and secure, while ensuring that bulkier items and furniture do not shift in transit, leading to accidents or breakages.

If you need the added peace of mind that our packing service provides, simply ask us to include packing in our quote for your removals service.

You can request a quote by using our online enquiry form, or by calling our team now on 0161 207 1260.

Order Your Removal Box Kits

If you’re happy to pack your belongings yourself, but want to take advantage of our professional-quality packing kits, you can order one of our removal box kits ahead of your big move. 

The following kits are available by calling 0161 207 1260:

Small Box Kit
Suitable for 1-2 bed houses and smaller offices

5x Small Boxes
5x Medium Boxes
3x Large Boxes
5m Bubble Wrap
1x Roll of Tape

£34.25 (including VAT)

Medium Box Kit
Suitable for 2-3 bed houses and small to average-sized offices

6x Small Boxes
5x Medium Boxes
4x Large Boxes
5m Bubble Wrap
2x Roll of Tape
1x Marker Pen

£58.50 (including VAT)

Large Box Kit
Suitable for larger homes and most offices

8x Small Boxes
10x Medium Boxes
5x Large Boxes
10m Bubble Wrap
3x Roll of Tape
1x Marker Pen

£69.00 (including VAT)