A few hints and tips that can go a long way....

Just a few pearls of wisdom that will put you in good stead when loading your Mobile Self-Storage Unit!


DON'T have a smashing time!

"Of course I'm going to wrap my breakables and china!"  Though you might say that now, you'd be amazed how many people still bypass this little tip. Use at least a double layer of bubble-wrap on all glassware and try not combine glasses in one bundle. Use acid-free tissue paper on china and not newspaper. Removing smudges from the ink can be a laborious task.

Half-full or Half-empty?

When filling your cardboard cartons, make sure you fill them to capacity. This way you'll be able to stack them four-high inside your Mobile Self-Storage Unit. Try and place the heaviest on the ground first and work your way up to the lightest.

You're not packing meat-pies!

Don't adopt the over-lap method when building your cardboard cartons. Use brown packing tape to secure the top and bottom. It's as simple as that!

Load the Mobile Self-Storage Unit like a pro!

Time is money and so is Space! Try and balance the largest items from left to right. All large items of furniture should go in first and pack small items or boxes around them. Sofas can be packed and wrapped and placed up-ended in the corners. Wrap your duvet's in a dust sheet and secure with brown packing tape. Taking your time and carefully dismantling beds and wardrobes can save space and money whilst prolonging there life.

Hanging around like a bad smell.

Open the fridge door and defrost the freezer 24-48 hours before your Mobile Self-Storage Unit is delivered. Keep the fridge door open ajar when it's loaded. Nothing more to say.